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Subconscious Over Conscious (Quiet Time)

Lately I have been reminded of the importance of quiet time, I’m not the quietest type so I find I have to make an effort to get some quiet time other than sleeping.  I really think your subconscious is a smarter than your conscious by a decent multiplier, not sure what it is, but it’s defiantly smarter. I think your subconscious is especial great at taking in multiple complex factor processing them and delivering the best solution.  I always find that my subconscious makes the best decisions and have to remind myself to use it and more importantly give it time to work.

I believe this is the reason we always return from holidays or long weekends where we really take some time off with a few good ideas and/or better ways of doing things.  I think my brain capacity (granted it’s pretty limited) spends most of it’s processing power in the present and that it needs to be released from the present to really operate at a higher subconscious level.

So things I’ve been doing lately to help include driving with the radio off, walking with nowhere to go and fishing by myself. I have also tried to use my daily tram ride to do nothing (not play with my iPhone) but this has lead me to believe that 15 minutes isn’t long enough.  I think 30 mins is a minimum to get things working on a subconscious level and the longer you stay there the better it gets.

Music: Human Era – Horrorshow