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Why I Still Like The Apple Watch & What I’m Looking Forward Too

apple watch


This post comes from a quote I gave my friends at the The Lab. See full post HERE

I’ve enjoyed the Apple Watch so far and I feel this is partly due to having reasonable expectations. I like wearing a watch so the Apple Watch didn’t have to convince me to put something on my wrist, of that I was already sold. I think the wrist is a great spot for small amounts of information that are needed at a moments notice i.e. time. For the past few hundred years, time has been the “killer app” that’s moved watches from the pocket to the wrist. I think the Apple Watch will need to go one better than just time, but as the apps evolve we will see simpler and simpler apps that use machine learning, geo location and ‘time’ to deliver the exact information we need at a glance. For instance, if we’re standing at the same tram stop we do every morning and we glance at our Apple Watch, chances are we really need to know when the tram will arrive, not the actual time. When apps get to this level, it will be less about scrolling through Instagram or Twitter, or showing off the watch to friends, and more of a seamless interaction that will be so natural you won’t realise the value until you accidentally leave it at home.

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