Evolve Electric Skateboard Review

Evolve electric skateboard

I’ve been riding my Evolve Electric Skateboard for almost a month now and I have to say it’s fricking awesome! The build quality, battery life and the way it rides are all just awesome. Not being from a longboarding background I really didn’t have any idea just how great longboards in general rode in comparison to a skateboard. The Evolve board effortlessly roles over stones, sticks and pavement expansion gaps that would send you flying on a skateboard. The other thing I didn’t realise is how the Evolve board would be more similar to Snowboarding or Wake Surfing! The twin kingpin Super Carve trucks have an awesome feel and the Abec 11 Flywheels grip like crazy! Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S4 Bike Mount Case

Samsung Galaxy S4 bike Mount Case

galaxy s4 bike caseOur First Android Product!

So after many customer requests and a few months of development we (Annex Products) have come up with our first non iPhone product. We have decided to make our first product for the Android market in our Quad Lock range and what better place to start than with Samsung’s flagship smartphone the Galaxy S4.

Chris started on the design back in May when we first got our hands on a Galaxy S4 and started by printing a few prototypes on our Cube 3D Printer as seen in orange on the left.

After a few iteration and a few commercial prints later we were happy with the overall design and have since moved into tooling first for the case and now the Poncho water resistant cover.

galaxy s4 prototype 3d printed

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Opena still getting media through good PR

After launching the Opena in 2011 it still amazes me the amount of media attention this product has captured. This Fathers Day after a joint PR venture with Apple Canada the Opena appeared on a number of notable TV and media publications such as The Rush and Global News Tech Talk. This has made me realise that although it’s not new to me it’s still new to others and still news worthy!

Quad Lock iPhone 5 Bike Mount Review

DISCLAIMER  – I’m part of the team from Annex Products that made this product

We spent a couple of days a week back putting together a new video for our latest product offering the Quad Lock Bike Mount Kit for iPhone5. I have been using the pre production product for over a month and I think this kit is one of the best and most complete products we have  made to date.  I love that it’s the complete package and absolutely everything you need to mount your iPhone 5 to you bike is covered in this kit.

Quad lock iPhone5 Bike Mount Kit –

  • Poncho weather resistant cover. Simply slip the clear cover over your mounted iPhone and you phone will be protected from rain, sweat, mud and dust while still offering access to all the buttons and touch screen while riding.
  • Bike Mount Pro which can be attached to you bike using the supplied UV stable rubber O-rings (large and small provided) or more secure zip ties.
  • iPhone5 case with composite construction of tough TPU and strong Polycarbonate. This case provides great protection both on and off the bike.  I think users will love this case as a slim protective everyday case


Another good site with plenty of iPhone bike mount information is www.iphonebikemount.net

Bike Ride – Filmed with iPhone

Went on a ride with the Just Ride It team on Wednesday night, which ended up being half bike ride and half pub crawl.  Was a lot of fun and I’m sure there will be a few more fixie and single speed only rides to come in the new year.

While riding from the Just Ride It store in Fitzroy to St kilda we all started shooting footage on our iPhones and Dylan Perry was good enough to do a quick cut for us all to enjoy. Some of the footage was shot by hand and some was shot GoPro style using our iPhone Bike mount the Quad Lock. I have started a new website For more info on iPhone Bike mounts.

Top 10 Best iPhone Photo Apps for Instagram

I get asked a lot what are the best iPhone photo Apps I use to edit my Instagram shots, so I thought I’d put together a list of the top 10 best iPhone photo Apps that that I use all the time. I find most people that ask me this question expect a simple single App answer, but thats just not the case. I often use two, three or even four different Apps depending on the shot and effects I want to achieve. As soon as I start describing this process I see most people eyes glaze over and they start thinking this is going to be way too hard and too complicate, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The fact of the matter is that this isn’t the case at all as most Apps are good at doing just a couple of things; either cropping for Instagram, adjusting colours or stitching together a series of pics to make a panorama just to name a few.  So once you understand what each App does and how to use, it it’s actually quiet quick and easy to obtain the desired photo effect for your next Instagram master piece.

 My Top 10 iPhone Photo Apps

Listed below are my top 10 Photo apps that I use to edit my pictures before posting to Instagram, in no particular order.  As mentioned I often use a number of Apps in conjunction.

Camera+ Photo App iconCamera+

Camera+ is a great all round  iPhone photo App and is one of the best selling of all time. Camera+ is a great place to start as a beginner in mobile photography as it does a good job of everything. It’s a good Camera replacement app (although I never use it myself ) and its really fast and easy to edit your pictures with some awesome effects. To get started a few nice combination effects that will impress all your friends are  set Scenes to Clarity and FX Effect to Vibrant, then adjust the vibrancy using the slider to get your desired effect.

The picture below was edited with Camera+ using Clarity and So Emo combination.

Edited with Camera+ iphone photo app

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Tracking iOS App Store Positions

Instatag App - Hashtags for InstagramSo since we launched our first App Instatag – Hashtags for Instagram in September I have worked out that iTunes Connect (Apples backend for App Store publishers) sucks.  Coming from an e-commerce background I’m used to having great data on which to track my online stores from unique visitors and conversion rate to demographics and traffic sources. From this data we base all our decisions.

As soon as we pushed the app live I felt like I was in the dark. I had no idea what was happening, the only data I had was 2 day old download information from iTunes Connect and watching my local (Australian) App Store position.

Since then I have found a few resources that have been a great great help for me to track my Apps current App Store position.  I have listed a few below.

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Hashtag App for Instagram – Instatag

Instatag on the App Store

Get Instatag NOW on the App Store

Our new App Instatag has now been selling on the App Store for a couple of days and we already have over 1000 very happy users. The response to the app has been awesome with heaps of great ratings on the App Store, and lots of amazing entries in our first Photo Comp #InstatagLocationSep.

Instatag – Hashtag for Instagram App Store Reviews

*****   Great app! by DannyRobert – Version 1.0 – Aug 29, 2012

Instatag App - Hashtags for Instagram

Looks great. Works great. Great ideas with simple functionality. Highly polished app. Get it!
***** The perfect Instagram companion!  by Pscrunchie – Version 1.0 – Aug 28, 2012
This app is super user friendly. The location tags feature is amazing… helps me to apply relevant tags to my Instagram photos without having to think twice!
***** So good! by browncow781 – Version 1.0 – Aug 27, 2012
Love it, so handy! Location stuff works awesome!


****  So far so good!!  by Gymbakv – Version 1.0 – Aug 28, 2012
About time someone came out with this. Like it so far!! Needs a gym workout section …
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Instatag App for iPhone

Instatag app for instagram #tags

As I mentioned in a half asleep video post earlier this month we (Annex Products) are working of our first app called Instatag and I’m personally starting to get pretty excited as this is all new to us.

The app will allow Instagram users to quickly and efficiently tag their pictures with the most relevant and most popular #tags. This means that the users pictures will be seen by other instagramers and in turn receive more likes and more follows.

We have been testing the the selected tags and many who have tried it out get more likes than ever before!  Most of the functionality and the UI for Instatag has now been sorted out and it’s now down to the coding.

Annex Products is now an approved company on the Apple iOS Development platform and we are starting to think about the marketing and launch strategies for the app.

The Instatag App website is up as a place holder  with the main function of collecting email address of interested instagramers before the launch.

We’re hoping to launch Instatag in early August!