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How We Setup For Multi Currency On Shopify

Quad Lock Australia

We have been selling our product Quad Lock (iPhone mounting system) since 2012 by running a single Shopify store and selling globally in USD.  This was fine for the first couple of years but as we grew we started selling through retail and with the fluctuations in currencies we had no option but to setup in multiple currencies to keep pricing consistent within our core markets.

Quad Lock United KingdomAfter much consideration we decided to split our stores into region based stand alone stores selling in localised currencies with a smart IP redirect between all stores pushing the visitors to their region specific store.  This was important because we knew our original .com store’s organic SEO was fairly strong worldwide and it could be years before the new localised stores outrank the .com in their intended regions. This would mean that many customers will still find the original .com store first and need to be pushed between stores to their correct regions site.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Bike Mount Case

Samsung Galaxy S4 bike Mount Case

galaxy s4 bike caseOur First Android Product!

So after many customer requests and a few months of development we (Annex Products) have come up with our first non iPhone product. We have decided to make our first product for the Android market in our Quad Lock range and what better place to start than with Samsung’s flagship smartphone the Galaxy S4.

Chris started on the design back in May when we first got our hands on a Galaxy S4 and started by printing a few prototypes on our Cube 3D Printer as seen in orange on the left.

After a few iteration and a few commercial prints later we were happy with the overall design and have since moved into tooling first for the case and now the Poncho water resistant cover.

galaxy s4 prototype 3d printed

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Bike Ride – Filmed with iPhone

Went on a ride with the Just Ride It team on Wednesday night, which ended up being half bike ride and half pub crawl.  Was a lot of fun and I’m sure there will be a few more fixie and single speed only rides to come in the new year.

While riding from the Just Ride It store in Fitzroy to St kilda we all started shooting footage on our iPhones and Dylan Perry was good enough to do a quick cut for us all to enjoy. Some of the footage was shot by hand and some was shot GoPro style using our iPhone Bike mount the Quad Lock. I have started a new website For more info on iPhone Bike mounts.

Instatag App for iPhone

Instatag app for instagram #tags

As I mentioned in a half asleep video post earlier this month we (Annex Products) are working of our first app called Instatag and I’m personally starting to get pretty excited as this is all new to us.

The app will allow Instagram users to quickly and efficiently tag their pictures with the most relevant and most popular #tags. This means that the users pictures will be seen by other instagramers and in turn receive more likes and more follows.

We have been testing the the selected tags and many who have tried it out get more likes than ever before!  Most of the functionality and the UI for Instatag has now been sorted out and it’s now down to the coding.

Annex Products is now an approved company on the Apple iOS Development platform and we are starting to think about the marketing and launch strategies for the app.

The Instatag App website is up as a place holder  with the main function of collecting email address of interested instagramers before the launch.

We’re hoping to launch Instatag in early August!

Wonderful iPhone Gadgets (we get a mention)

Chris Griffith shows of some of the latest iPhone gadgets that were on display at this years Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. Griffith also gives our first two products the Opena Case and the Quad Lock a special mention!! See the full article on


Why am I or why should I blog?

So why have I decided to start my own blog? Well I don’t especially like writing nor am I very good at it, but I guess it’s for 2 main reasons.

Firstly I spend a lot of time thinking and trying to work things out, but I’m also very forgetful…. what was I saying. No, I really am and I often know I had a good idea or worked out a way to do X, Y, and Z but feel as if I’m working it out all over again.

Secondly since we launched Opena Case on kickstarter about 4 months ago I have been asked a tone of questions many of which I have answered over and over again so I got to thinking that writing it down wouldn’t be a bad idea. Not that I don’t like chatting and talking about this kind of thing with my friend or even the randoms that call you up out of the blue and asked how did you do that?

I’m also a big believer in putting yourself out there and sharing your ideas as in my experience only good things come from it!