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Opena still getting media through good PR

After launching the Opena in 2011 it still amazes me the amount of media attention this product has captured. This Fathers Day after a joint PR venture with Apple Canada the Opena appeared on a number of notable TV and media publications such as The Rush and Global News Tech Talk. This has made me realise that although it’s not new to me it’s still new to others and still news worthy!

Get more attention than you deserve

We recently had an idea to launch a new product called ‘The Holda‘, named after our first product the Opena Case (iPhone Bottle Opener).  The Holda case is an iPhone case design to hold an ID, credit card, some cash and a house key. When launching our first product, the Opena case, the media attention played a huge part in the product’s success. We wanted to try and capture that same “hype” however, to be honest, a case that holds credit cards isn’t really that exciting.

So to generate some media interest, we decided to have a bit of fun with the idea and launch the product under a different name with a different function.  We came up with the name ‘Playa Case’ and decided to push the fact that it holds two condoms, because as they say “sex sells”.  So we made an especially awkward video using some prototypes and we released the video on April Fools Day.

One thing I’ve learnt about releasing content to the press, is that it’s better to start at the top and let it spread from there.  Instead of sending the video to every site on the net (I’ve tried that), I ran the concept past Gizmodo and they loved the fact that it was a real product with a twist released on April Fools day. Gizmodo posted the video with a story and within the week 250,000 more people knew about the Playa case and Annex Products. Based on this awesome response, and 1000’s of people signing up to purchase the Playa case, we have decided to do a limited edition run. As a bonus, with the extra traffic to, the Opena sales rose for about 2 weeks. We have even had new resellers and distributors contact us and the best thing is that the public have started to suggest that another use for the Playa case is the actual the function of the Holda.

In all I’d call this little publicity stunt a success because it took very little effort to organise, the cost was low and the return was high.

Annex Products signs global partnership with Forward Industries

During our trip to the US we signed an exclusive worldwide distribution agreement with Forward Industries.  We meet with Forward while at CES in Las Vegas and then flew to Santa Monica to hash out an agreement. Press release below.

Annex Products an Forward Industries

Annex Products, the inventor of the Opena® case and Quad Lock, announces an exclusive worldwide distribution partnership with Forward Industries (NASDAQ:FORD), a leading global provider of mobile technology solutions. The partnership includes the distribution of all Annex Products, beginning with the Opena® case and Quad Lock mounting system, two top performing iPhone 4 case accessories.

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Wonderful iPhone Gadgets (we get a mention)

Chris Griffith shows of some of the latest iPhone gadgets that were on display at this years Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. Griffith also gives our first two products the Opena Case and the Quad Lock a special mention!! See the full article on


Opena Case make an appearance on diggNATION and Solider Knows Best!

diggNATIONWe sent a few Opena Cases to the guys at revision3 and it looks like their fans. Alex opened a bottle on diggNation using the Opena Case in their latest video and Solider Knows Best did a review. We now have a new model of the Opena Case and it fixes the few problems that Solider Knows best came up with.

This kinda low cost marketing can have the greatest ROI of all! A couple of spare Opena cases finding their way into the right hands and now there’s another half million people who know about it 😉

See the videos below

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