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Why I Still Like The Apple Watch & What I’m Looking Forward Too

apple watch


This post comes from a quote I gave my friends at the The Lab. See full post HERE

I’ve enjoyed the Apple Watch so far and I feel this is partly due to having reasonable expectations. I like wearing a watch so the Apple Watch didn’t have to convince me to put something on my wrist, of that I was already sold. I think the wrist is a great spot for small amounts of information that are needed at a moments notice i.e. time. For the past few hundred years, time has been the “killer app” that’s moved watches from the pocket to the wrist. I think the Apple Watch will need to go one better than just time, but as the apps evolve we will see simpler and simpler apps that use machine learning, geo location and ‘time’ to deliver the exact information we need at a glance. For instance, if we’re standing at the same tram stop we do every morning and we glance at our Apple Watch, chances are we really need to know when the tram will arrive, not the actual time. When apps get to this level, it will be less about scrolling through Instagram or Twitter, or showing off the watch to friends, and more of a seamless interaction that will be so natural you won’t realise the value until you accidentally leave it at home.

If you’re looking for a cool Apple Watch band checkout the EPIK APPLE WATCH KIT by our friends at LUNATIK®


Evolve Electric Skateboard Review

Evolve electric skateboard

I’ve been riding my Evolve Electric Skateboard for almost a month now and I have to say it’s fricking awesome! The build quality, battery life and the way it rides are all just awesome. Not being from a longboarding background I really didn’t have any idea just how great longboards in general rode in comparison to a skateboard. The Evolve board effortlessly roles over stones, sticks and pavement expansion gaps that would send you flying on a skateboard. The other thing I didn’t realise is how the Evolve board would be more similar to Snowboarding or Wake Surfing! The twin kingpin Super Carve trucks have an awesome feel and the Abec 11 Flywheels grip like crazy! Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S4 Bike Mount Case

Samsung Galaxy S4 bike Mount Case

galaxy s4 bike caseOur First Android Product!

So after many customer requests and a few months of development we (Annex Products) have come up with our first non iPhone product. We have decided to make our first product for the Android market in our Quad Lock range and what better place to start than with Samsung’s flagship smartphone the Galaxy S4.

Chris started on the design back in May when we first got our hands on a Galaxy S4 and started by printing a few prototypes on our Cube 3D Printer as seen in orange on the left.

After a few iteration and a few commercial prints later we were happy with the overall design and have since moved into tooling first for the case and now the Poncho water resistant cover.

galaxy s4 prototype 3d printed

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Quad Lock iPhone 5 Bike Mount Review

DISCLAIMER  – I’m part of the team from Annex Products that made this product

We spent a couple of days a week back putting together a new video for our latest product offering the Quad Lock Bike Mount Kit for iPhone5. I have been using the pre production product for over a month and I think this kit is one of the best and most complete products we have  made to date.  I love that it’s the complete package and absolutely everything you need to mount your iPhone 5 to you bike is covered in this kit.

Quad lock iPhone5 Bike Mount Kit –

  • Poncho weather resistant cover. Simply slip the clear cover over your mounted iPhone and you phone will be protected from rain, sweat, mud and dust while still offering access to all the buttons and touch screen while riding.
  • Bike Mount Pro which can be attached to you bike using the supplied UV stable rubber O-rings (large and small provided) or more secure zip ties.
  • iPhone5 case with composite construction of tough TPU and strong Polycarbonate. This case provides great protection both on and off the bike.  I think users will love this case as a slim protective everyday case


Another good site with plenty of iPhone bike mount information is

Just pressed the launch button on the Quad Lock iPhone Mounting Systems!

Quad lock Kickstarter header slider

We just launched our latest product the Quad Lock Case on The Quad Lock Case is a cool new iPhone mounting solution for iPhone4/S. The idea is that the one case can be used as an everyday case but at the same time your only a twist away from mounting your iPhone to your bike, car, wall or even plane.


Tips on how to run a successful Kickstarter project

Kickstarter Project success From the moment I was sent a link to a Kickstarter project (think it was TikTok) I knew I wanted to get involved with the platform and run my own project.

Note: This blog post isn’t a difinative guide as to how to run a successful Kickstarter project, but rather a few important points that are worth sharing.

Bit of background

Opena iPhone bottle opena from kickstarterA quick bit of background information on the product that I  developed with my mate (now business partner) Chris Peters. It’s called the Opena Case and it’s an iPhone4/S protective hard case with a built in bottle opener (now selling at  We started the project on 08/06/2011, we had a funding goal of $15,000 and we ran the project for 30 days.  30 days later we had successfully raised $28,303.00 thanks to our 578 absolutely awesome backers and it was heaps of fun!!

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