Hanging out with the cool kids isn’t as cool as you may think

Shaq sized F650 thanks @wadefordatlanta

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Online everyone wants to hangout with the cool kids, but does it really work?  Take the latest Instagram by Shaq or should I say DR. SHAQUILLE O’NEAL Ed.D. Shaq has over 5 million followers and his latest post about his new F650 has over 400K views and 1000+ comments. Who knows if this a paid or a friendly node to his local Ford dealer but I bet Wade from @wadefordatlanta was hoping to get a bit of more traction from his superstar customers post, looks like he even open an account just for it.

Now obviously this post is better for Ford as a brand as opposed to the local dealer but I think it speaks volumes as to how the online world works, target market is everything and that the seduction of big numbers are more often than not accompanied by conversion rates with lots of zero on the right hand side of the decimal point.

This is also what we have found having our own products (Quad Lock) featured by influences in the past.








Admittedly @kyliejenner’s 92.8 million followers are not exactly the perfect target market for Quad Lock and many of her posts never showed the product in action, but I’ve always found it surprising how surprised others are when they hear this never really had much of an impact on our brand.

Now & Then

These days the internet is a busy place with people posting more and more, so in return the followers have less and less time to give to each post. Now way back in 2011 when we were selling our first product online, Snapchat wasn’t a thing, people viewed websites on desktops, Facebook Mobile had only just launched, Ashton Kutcher was still on Twitter and he was also the 3rd highest followed user behind Kim K and Justin B. Back in 2011the below post from @aplusk also broke our website many times over.

Still this isn’t to say that now days the right post on the right channel from the right influencer at the right time can’t start a landslide.

So what do you think?

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