Shopify Buy Button makes WordPress an Ecommerce Site

I talk with lots of people from the startup/freelance/sme scene here in Melbourne and many people are moving from having a “on the side business” to more of a “serious” business, be it part time or full time. Many of these people have started with a WordPress blog and then ad in e-commerce latter on.  This makes sense as they have grown their website and traffic over time, but the ecommerce option are limited compared to a platform like Shopify thats super easy to use and update.Shopify but button

This is why the new Shopify Buy Button is so cool as it can be added to an existing WordPress blog/website buy simply copying and pasting an embed code. The cool thing here is that you get to use your WordPress site to do what it does best while letting Shopify handle the ecommerce side of things.

Example of the Shopify Buy Button on WordPress

This is an example of our Quad Lock iPhone 6 Bike Mount

Why Use Shopify on WordPress

I also notice that when people first start an ecommerce store/site they often don’t know what they need, I know we didn’t.  Very quickly the things that become important are more so the backend of the ecommerce platform for example, stock control, customer service and customer records, Credit card gateways, Paypal gateways and of course order fulfilment.  All these things and more are simple to manage in the Shopify backend.

The buy Button will also work on Shopify blogs, Squarespace, Tumblr, Wix and of course WordPress see instruction on how to do this here

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