Christmas E-Com Advertising Tips

Note: I wrote this article back in 2012 but only just found it in my draft post of my WP blog so I figured I should publish it anyway…. Opps!

November and December are some of the most important sales months on the calendar, they are also the two main months where the Shopify Build a Business competition is either won or lost. For this reason it’s important that you get it right!

Based on our experience last year on we’d like to give other online retailers and Shopify Build a Business competitors our top five recommendations for selling during the “Silly Season”.

If your product makes for a great gift anticipate that sales are going to at least double and have more stock than you need. The worst thing that can happen is that you run out of stock during this period so plan for success and be ready to sell more than ever before.

Spread the word that your products makes a great gift, don’t presume that your potential customer will make the connection. You have to tell them! This is true because often when potential gift buying customers see your advert or product they may not be personally interested, but once you remind them that have others to buy for they will see your products as a solution to their problem.

Keep in mind that the majority of products purchased during this period will be gifts so a change in marketing strategies may be necessary.

Christmas advertising

For example we know the Opena® Case customer demographic is male, between 20-35 years, owns an iPhone and drinks beer, but this isn’t who we marketed to during this time of year. We ran a campaign marketing towards females between 20-50 years old in a relationship. We also changed our visuals to be more appealing to this market so we ditched the attractive girl in a bikini with a beer and opted for an attractive girl in a Santa hat with a Coke®. So remember that during this gift buying time of year your customer is often not the enduser.

Make sure that you can deliver on time!! As the majority of the stock sold during the November and December period are gifts it’s more important than ever to be able to get your products to the customer as fast as possible. You need to work out the last day before Christmas that different countries can order and expect the goods to arrive before the 25th December.

For example all of Annex Products® goods ship out of HK, UK, USA, and Australia so within these countries we are able to deliver express all orders placed before the 21st where orders placed from South America and Europe need to be placed before 12th to be confident that they will arrive.

Don’t think that this information will scare off your customers and loose sales, because it will actually give them confidence to order and if you don’t communicate it clearly you won’t spend half of December responding to customer inquires on the matter.

Target your PR. Last Christmas the Opena Case was featured in a number of both online and printed gift buying guides which all converted very well. Everybody has that person that’s impossible to buy for and these list are the best way of getting your products, price and where to buy information in front of that potential customer from a source that they trust.

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