Facebook Advertising is like Fly Fishing (hack)

Facebooks adsSo I’ve told a few people about this over the last few months and most people didn’t know so I think it’s worth a post.

I’ve been using Facebook ads for a couple of years now and the truth is that the majority of our customers have been acquired from the social network. However using Facebook properly is almost a full-time job as it’s in a constant state of flux.

I think managing Facebook ads is like Fly Fishing your favourite river, you know what you’re doing and you’ve been there before but every time you return it’s a little bit different, there’s a new snag been pushed down stream, the rivers running higher/faster or the fish have seen all your flys and their not interested.

So imagine if every Trout you caught while fishing was let go in a small pool off to the side of the main river. After a few fishing trips you’d be able to catch a Trout on demand from the pool as you’d know exactly where they are and what made them bite the first time.  You wouldn’t have to wade miles upstream and spend all your energy trying to find a single Trout in a torrent of water.

Well you can do this with Facebook ads Custom Audiences and I’m not talking about retargeting, well its sort of retargeting but different. (if you don’t know anything about FB ads go have a play then use this technique).

Facebook ad manager

Firstly you’ll have to be using Google Chrome as the browser and you’ll have to open up you Facebook Ads Manager and the click on Power Editor from here you can quickly make and manage your ads.  If it’s the first time you’ve used the Power Editor you’ll have to download all of your data by clicking Download to Power Editor.  From here you can then click on Audiences > Custom Audiences and then upload your complete customer list.  Facebook then matches their email address with the Facebook Database of users and reports back on the matches. You now have a custom Audieance that you can target with laser focused ads just like the Trout in the side pool.

The coolest thing about this style of advertising is that it’s very passive and not as intrusive as email adverting so some may choose to include their entire list not just their opt ins.

Through this techniques we’ve very successfully sold up sell products to our existing customer with the lowest Cost Per Acquisition of any marketing we’ve ever used.

So go catch a fish for the second time as it only gets easier!

Facebook power editor

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