Evolve Electric Skateboard Review

Evolve electric skateboard

I’ve been riding my Evolve Electric Skateboard for almost a month now and I have to say it’s fricking awesome! The build quality, battery life and the way it rides are all just awesome. Not being from a longboarding background I really didn’t have any idea just how great longboards in general rode in comparison to a skateboard. The Evolve board effortlessly roles over stones, sticks and pavement expansion gaps that would send you flying on a skateboard. The other thing I didn’t realise is how the Evolve board would be more similar to Snowboarding or Wake Surfing! The twin kingpin Super Carve trucks have an awesome feel and the Abec 11 Flywheels grip like crazy!

CP and I riding the Evolve Board and YikeBike to a StartUp event in Melbourne (3rd ride)

When I first started ridding the Evolve board I thought I was carving pretty hard… turns out I wasn’t. Now I’m carving 10 times harder and the thing just holds on. The flex, the carve and the grip all work so well together and feel super natural and it doesn’t take long to get super confident rising this thing. The other thing I didn’t realise is that even though it’s a long board it can still turn super tight.

I haven’t even got to the part where the board is electric and that’s interesting because although it’s cool the way the board feels and performs was what impressed me at first.

Evolve electric skateboard

I remember playing on a whipper snipper (weed whacker) petrol powered skateboard and it was pretty much unridable when I was younger. The Evolve board is nothing like it as it’s super easy to ride, it has plenty of power, but it comes on super smooth and the ABS breaks work well. The break come on just enough to slow you down to a comfortable bail speed without the risk of sending you over the front of the board.

The first weekend I had the Evolve I rode around Melbourne for about to 2 hours and my legs were stuffed but the battery was still going strong and I couldn’t believe it.  As seen in the video below I have since been riding about 9K’s to work charging there and then riding home without an issue. Buy 2 charges!

Commuting to work on the Evolve Board 90 (4th ride)

Things I like about the Evolve Board

  1. Great Design
  2. Awesome Feel – you end up never riding in a straight line.
  3. Great Speed – you really can get places quick.
  4. Awesome support!
  5. Battery life
  6. Easy to ride
  7. Surprisingly good uphills
  8. Weight – only 8. something KGs

Things I’d like to see improve

  1. Bit smaller controller
  2. Ability to adjust the breaks. After riding for a while you could crank up the breaks a little.
  3. Can’t think of anything else?

Evolve Board charging

 My Evolve Electric Skateboard on charge


I think the pricing of the Evolve board at $1000-1099AUD is about right, but a few people have said to me that they think it’s expensive. To these people I say  “you’d buy a snowboard for $1000 and ride it twice a year while paying $120 a day for a lift pass and not think twice ?” The Evolve board is so much more than just a skateboard as it’s a reliable  valid mode of transport, it’s eco friendly, get’s you home from the pub, it’s easy to jump on and off public transport with and super fin to ride. I’d say in the month I’ve had my Evolve board I would have spent more time riding it than snowboarding/wake surfing in the last 2-3 years.

Overall the products is awesome, the support is great, the shipping was quick and I’d definitely recommend the Evolve board for anyone looking for an electric skateboard or alternative form of transportation.

8 thoughts on “Evolve Electric Skateboard Review

  1. HodadMcRasta

    I have had one of these for 5 months. In terms of performance, this thing is a dream. It carves like a normal longboard would, despite the added weight of the motor and battery. But there are some design flaws: anything more than minor incongruities in the pavement will cause the motor and drive belt cover to grind on the pavement. However, these scuffs may not cause problems (other than cosmetic). And if you are dealing with even slight hills, go ahead and cut the battery life almost in half. Literally 50 minutes tops if you have some slight grades in your route. Braking is not great. If you have 100ft. before you need to stop, you’re in luck. If you are trying to stop within 50ft. of a stop sign count on carving while you brake to decrease stopping distance or jumping off towards the end to run off the leftover speed.

    1. Rob Ward Post author

      True breaking could be better and I have heaps of scuff marks from bottoming out but it really hasn’t caused too many issues for me. Hills do drain the battery faster but even so I still get pretty far on my board and often use it in conjunction with the Melbourne tram network as you can’t take a bike on a tram.

  2. Ryan Beukers

    I will say that I think the breaks are great. Just to reply to the comment above. BUT, I have had major issues with my board the entire time I have had it. First off the bumper on it was broken when I received it indicating that the shipping was a bit rough. Easily looked past. They sent me a new bumper, I never put it on. Secondly, my wireless remote got all loose and shaky inside after a couple weeks. So I mean when I shake it there are parts moving around. Third the plus in that I put the power cord into was loose and moving around after a month. Fourth problem is the board started not fully charging after a couple months. The charger just stops. Or sometimes doesnt start at all. Sometimes it works perfect and then leaves me with no ride home from wherever I go. Fifth issue is that the distance has never been CLOSE to what they say. I can go flat land, medium throttle, high speed, no breaks and I still dont get even an hour. More like 40 mins if I am careful as hell. So anyone who tells you they take this thing for a 2 hour cruise is full of…. beans. Sixth issue is the fact that the dam thing will bottom out on ANYTHING. You cant go over an inch high rock without hitting the motor or belt / motor mount. SEVENTH and biggest mother f’in product killing thing I have run into since I bought this thing a couple months ago is that the back truck just snapped on me last night, I have never cracked a truck in my life. I have ridden skateboards since I was 14 and I am 30. I beat the crap out of my sector 9 board with randel 180mil trucks. Never had to change em. I have rode this thing maybe 20 times and went easy on it every time and the trucks snapped. The quality of this board is HORRIBLE. I spent $1850 on this thing and I can safely say it was the owrst purchase OF MY LIFE. I guess Im gonna have to create a Youtube video to review this thing cuz I dont know where else to do it. And then I could show all the things I talked about too. Sry for one big paragraph, I just need to get this out there somewhere so peeps can hear about how bad the quality of this thing is.

  3. Rob Ward Post author

    Just as a quick update to this my Evolve board is now over 2 years old and going strong. I wasn’t riding it for a while but then I moved last year and once again I now ride to the shops and back a couple of times a week.

  4. Eric Medemar

    I’ve got 4 different electric skateboards including an emad 800w dirt rider, e skate, 1300w Brushless RC-Skatee and an Evolve Bustin Street Edition. I was super excited to get my evolve as it “Appeared” to be the Ferrari of electric skateboards… Unfortunately it ended up being more like the Ford Fiesta of electric skateboards. Long story short, here’s a list of what I’ve replaced so far:

    – Front trucks after shattering in 3 spots
    – 2 motor mounts (finally paid to have a custom billeted steel one made)
    – 1 remote control (after they left mine loose in the UPS box after sending board in for repairs)
    – 2 rear trucks after bending mine.
    – Battery charger quit working after 50 charges
    – 2 motors (motor mounts all cracked)

    Don’t get me wrong the board is a boatload of fun when its not getting repaired, but at nearly double the cost of my other boards, this board ended up being a complete waste of time and money.

    1. Rob Ward Post author

      Thanks for the feedback Eric, sounds like you do a fair bit of boarding! I haven’t had an issue with the charger but my old style remote did have a charging issue. I didn’t mind too much as I wanted to buy the new evolve remote which is better anyway.


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