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We’re Funded – $20K in less than 2 weeks

Quad Lock Kickstarter Project After less than 2 weeks we have successfully raised the $20K we need to make the Quad Lock a reality.

This morning I woke up to a text message from CP saying “We’re Funded”.  It’s awesome to know we will now have the extra capital needed to make the Quad Lock a reality, but even better is the knowledge that others like our idea too. The project will now run for another 28 days and give others the chance to get involved and pre-order a Quad Lock.

Just a note that I still believe 30 days is the best length of time for a Kickstarter project, but as our project was going to run over Christmas and the New Year we decided to give the project an extra 10 days.

Opena Case make an appearance on diggNATION and Solider Knows Best!

diggNATIONWe sent a few Opena Cases to the guys at revision3 and it looks like their fans. Alex opened a bottle on diggNation using the Opena Case in their latest video and Solider Knows Best did a review. We now have a new model of the Opena Case and it fixes the few problems that Solider Knows best came up with.

This kinda low cost marketing can have the greatest ROI of all! A couple of spare Opena cases finding their way into the right hands and now there’s another half million people who know about it 😉

See the videos below

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Just pressed the launch button on the Quad Lock iPhone Mounting Systems!

Quad lock Kickstarter header slider

We just launched our latest product the Quad Lock Case on The Quad Lock Case is a cool new iPhone mounting solution for iPhone4/S. The idea is that the one case can be used as an everyday case but at the same time your only a twist away from mounting your iPhone to your bike, car, wall or even plane.


Tips on how to run a successful Kickstarter project

Kickstarter Project success From the moment I was sent a link to a Kickstarter project (think it was TikTok) I knew I wanted to get involved with the platform and run my own project.

Note: This blog post isn’t a difinative guide as to how to run a successful Kickstarter project, but rather a few important points that are worth sharing.

Bit of background

Opena iPhone bottle opena from kickstarterA quick bit of background information on the product that I  developed with my mate (now business partner) Chris Peters. It’s called the Opena Case and it’s an iPhone4/S protective hard case with a built in bottle opener (now selling at  We started the project on 08/06/2011, we had a funding goal of $15,000 and we ran the project for 30 days.  30 days later we had successfully raised $28,303.00 thanks to our 578 absolutely awesome backers and it was heaps of fun!!

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How to run a Kickstarter project if you’re not a US citizen?

Kickstarter for non US citizens

NEW UPDATE : How To Run A Kickstarter Project in Australia

Since our first successful Kickstarter project the Opena Case – iPhone Bottle Opener we have been asked over and over again “how did you get on Kickstarter if your don’t live in America?” First thing I want to say is that we were only able to get involved with Kickstarter due to a US connection I’m lucky enough to have.

It’s not that you have to be a US citizen to launch a project on Kickstarter its the fact that Kickstarters payment capture systems relies on Amazon payments. To open an Amazon payments account you need a US bank account, because the only way to withdraw funds from an Amazon payments account is to do so into a  US bank account.

We were lucky enough that my AWESOME sister had moved to the US and she was able to open a US bank account and list me as a subsidiary. She was then able to open an amazon payments account and we were set to get our project up and running.

The experience of running a project on Kickstarter was a tone of fun but I wouldn’t be too disheartened if you can’t get on Kickstarter as there are many other similar platforms starting up that you could get involved with.  I also think it’s important to note that in our experience it’s the hard marketing and PR work that you put in that makes your project successful, not the fact that it’s on Kickstarter.

For more info see my post on How to run a successful Kickstarter project

Another Aussie crowd funding website thats worth a look

 NEW UPDATE : How To Run A Kickstarter Project if You’re An Aussie

Amazone Payments for Kickstarter